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Eye Surgery – When Eye Surgeons Give The Gift Of Sight

Most of us are born with the gift of sight. Some of us suffer loss of vision for several reasons. With the rapid development of modern medical techniques, and technological developments eye surgeons are able to give back the gift of sight to some of us who have suffered a loss of vision.

Laser surgery, a life changing experience

After laser eye surgery, life can become very different and quite often considerably better. Lasik eye surgery for instance is a type of refractive surgery, which is a procedure that corrects vision. Lasik surgery is, in fact, the most commonly performed surgical surgery for the eye and the name is actually short for "laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis".

Laser eye surgery is popular because of the general ease of the procedure and has enabled eye surgeons to restore the eyesight of millions of people all over the world. Patients discuss a relative lack of pain after Lasik eye surgery and almost immediate occurrence of excellent vision. The quick and easy results, as well as the lack of pain, make this procedure very popular.

What to expect following laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery is a surgical procedure, but one can essentially come and go from the hospital before and after the procedure with little to no assistance. The procedure takes place while the patient is conscious although sometimes a mild sedative is given to the patient upon advice of the eye surgeon. The entire process takes, in normal circumstances, less than sixty seconds. Most people do not feel any pain at all during the procedure as drops of an aesthesia are administered directly to the eye prior to the surgical procedure.

After the procedure, the patient rests for a short period of time. Some patients elect to have both eyes worked on, so a short break is taken between procedures and then the other eye is sought to. Some patients choose to book two appointments, one for each eye, due to time constraints or other personal preferential matters.

It is important to follow the eye surgeon's instructions specifically, as it is with all medical procedures. Proper rest and the administering of any necessarily prescriptions is important to the completion of a successful Lasik eye surgery process. It should be noted that following the procedure, the patient should have somebody else drive them home.

Long-term benefits of laser surgery

In most cases, after laser eye surgery the vision improves almost instantly however in some cases patients that their vision improves to an even greater degree after days and weeks pass. Most people end up with 20/20 vision after Lasik eye surgery, but some still need glasses or contact lenses to assist with proper sight requirements. Their prescription levels, of course, would be much lower than before the surgery.

There are a few complications that should be noted, however they rarely occur. Some patients experience infection or glare and normally consult their surgeon for a small adjustment procedure that is equally simple.

The gift of sight

When it comes to the benefits of laser surgery there is nothing left to think about! These benefits speak for themselves, and eye surgeons indeed give you the gift of sight. There are of course other eye corrective procedures that can offer these benefits but if you look closely you will find that their risks are more than their benefits. This is something that you need to look for and consider before making your final decision. With laser surgery you will find that their risks are few and less than 5% of their patients experience any risks or complications following their procedures. This is as low as the complication rate gets.

Laser surgery has all the benefits that you are looking for and you will find that eye corrective surgery does not get much better than this. With the best technology and the most skilled doctors you will be in good hands with a qualified eye surgeon.