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Are Eye Surgery Costs On The Rise?

Can you afford laser eye surgery? Are eye surgery costs on the rise? These are questions you will surely be asking yourself before considering surgery. Most insurance plans won't cover the cost since it is an elective surgery and linked more closely with cosmetic surgery. There are exceptions, however, but in most cases insurance won't pay.

How do you know if you are getting value for money?

If you carry out a cost analysis of laser surgery, you will find a wide variety of prices and an even wider variety of what is included in the price of the surgery. For instance, is the initial consultation and examination included in the price should you elect the surgery? Are post-operative visits included in the price? How many? What about the eye drops used during the surgery? Some laser surgery centers charge as much as $100 for those drops. As far as the cost of the actual surgery itself, advertised prices are usually per eye. Since it's really not a good idea to have surgery on both eyes at once, you will probably just be looking at the cost of one eye initially.

Beware oflLaser surgery centers advertising this surgery for $299 or $399 per eye. The company may not be making a full disclosure of their prices. This may be a basic cost, but there are certainly going to be additional costs. If you see an advertised price that is so low, a good idea is to ask patients who have undergone surgery, how much it cost them overall.

Is the cost of laser surgery really increasing?

A laser surgery business is quite expensive to run. The equipment and training of employees is expensive. Royalties have to be paid to manufacturers. Laser eye surgery can cost as much as $2500 an eye. Yet in the same city you can find a well qualified eye surgeon to do the same surgery for $1500. So, although you may find that advertised costs appear to be on the rise every year, it pays to shop around. Don't accept laser eye surgery cost estimates. Insist on a breakdown of every charge.

Many people make the mistake of arriving at a decision based totally on cost. This is far too important a procedure to be based solely on money. Make sure too, that you are given a full evaluation before you agree to the surgery. This involves more than just an oral consultation. This is not something for which you can be screened online either. It's important that the eye surgeon examine your eyes before he can make his recommendation.

What are the real costs involved in laser surgery?

You may perhaps be wondering about the real costs that are involved in laser surgery. After all should the costs be increasing if it really takes less than half an hour for the procedure? In actual terms, once you investigate all the different aspects of laser eye surgery, money may be the least of your concerns!

It may seem at first to be a difficult task to assess the differences when you compare the cost of laser eye surgery procedure from one eye surgeon to the other. Still, you can break down the probable costs by assigning the costs to several categories.

The cost of laser eye surgery can for example, be broken down into the type of surgical procedure you are planning, the skills and experience of the doctor, the clinic, and equipment they will be using on you.

Questions you should ask while comparing costs

While prices vary, you can expect to pay between $1,000.00 – $6,000.00 per eye, for most procedures at a reputable clinic.

When inquiring about the costs of laser eye surgery, ask to be certain if the following are included in this eye procedure.

  • Is there an initial consultation fee?
  • Does the fee include all pre-operative and post-operative visits?
  • Is this quoted fee, the entire fee? Or are there additional fees I need to know?
  • Can we spread over the payment over a period? If so, how much would my total payment be and what are these terms? What is the interest rate?
  • Are the quoted fees for both eyes? Or does it depend on the acuity of each eye?
  • Is the enhancement procedure included in the fee? If it is, what are the conditions for this?

While you may feel costs are rising all the time and you need to bargain for the best cost, you should also consider other factors such as the prestige and reputation of the clinic. This refers to the level of service, quality and safety of the clinic. Practices will set their rates, on the services they offer. The skills and the expertise of the eye surgeon is also important, how long he or she has been doing these operations, is factored into the price.

The most important consideration when you compare the costs of laser eye surgery isn't financial. It's that you have confidence in the eye surgeon who will operate on your eyes.