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Lasik Developments

The Latest On Lasik Developments, Prices And Conditions

Lasik and other surgery for eyes are listed for prices per eye. Prices are usually over $1,000 per eye, since even if a very low price is quoted, say $500, by the time various extras are added the price will go over at least $1,000 per eye for lasik. Despite the development of new technologies and the standardization of procedures, prices for Lasik have generally been going up over the last couple of years. This includes the increasing use of customization of lasik, wavefront Lasik and other tailoring of this procedure.

Average prices are approaching $2,000 per eye. Another common technology used lately is called Intralase. In this procedure, the doctors use a small laser to create the flap in the cornea through which they shine the laser, instead of using a microkeratome, a microscopic blade. Studies have shown that bladeless lasik has had better results, with less complications for patients , less need to repeat the surgery and a higher level of vision , toward 20/20 being produced. Wavefront technology is the use of lasers to measure different characteristics of the eye and problems in its vision. This is also known as Custom Lasik. There has been an extended debate if the use of bladeless technology to penetrate the eyes surface (the cornea) is really a big advantage and a breakthrough in lasik or not. Proponents of intralase, the laser penetration of the cornea claim it is a less invasive more accurate technology that allows for faster recovery from the surgery and less complications.

One doctor claims that the bladeless technology has not , contrary to rumor, eliminated all complications in the creation of the flap in the eye and that complications can continue to occur in both technologies. Also progress has been made in creating better microblades, microkeratomes, for better results for the using a blade operation. In either case, the use of lasers are essential for reshaping the eye, with these lasers being a spinoff of military research into Space laser defense and other military applications of lasers. Major and thorough screenings of patients eyes is essential for the Lasik process in any case, since not all patients are good candidate for this procedure. So despite worries on the best type of lasik operation to have, the overwhelming majority of surgeries have a positive effect. Often one eye is altered to see better for close work, while the other better eye is left alone to continue to be used for far seeing, particular what is necessary for skills such as driving a car.