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New Lasers

New Lasers, New Methods To Accomplish Lasik And Other Eye Surgery

New methods of lasik surgery are hitting the market. The allegretto Excimer Laser is the first laser for lasik surgery, approved by the FDA in five years. Implanted lenses with or without Lasik surgery can help people with problems outside the range of Lasik surgery alone. In Custom, or Wavefront Lasik surgery the ray of light that is reflected out of the eye and through wavefront computer analysis of this reflected light, aberrations and defects of the eye are diagnosed and measured.

This information in then mapped on onto a wavefront map of the entire eye, and is used by the doctor and the laser itself to define the surgery to each personalized case in a way not possible before. These patients are apparently reporting less cases of halos and glare resulting from their lasik surgery. Customized lasik is already the lasik surgery of choice, and is used in the majority of the estimated 1.4 million lasik surgeries expected in 2006 in the United States. A brand name form of custom lasik is called CustomVue. Its a treatment to treat myopia- shortsightedness, hyperopia- farsightedness and astigmatism-blurry vision. The idea is to measure the eye and correct it at a level greater than previously possible. Then, the laser can ablate, or remove material from the cornea in a way that improves the patients vision.

Another fairly new option is the implantation of a new lens in the eye. Implantable lenses are an alternative procedure for correcting the patients nearsightedness without the use of laser. It is like implanting a permanent contact lens under the iris and on top of the cornea of the eye. These lenses are like those used in cataract surgery, but in this case they are put on top of the eyes lens, they dont replace it as in cataract surgery. In some cases, after this procedure Lasik is used to improve and further refine the results for better vision. Two lenses have been approved for this surgery by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Verisyse- by Advanced Medical Optics, and Visian ICL- by Staar Surgical.

A new laser has been introduced by Wavelight Inc., the Allegretto Wave Excimer laser, which has been approved by the FDA. An Excimer laser is a laser that produces radiation in the ultraviolet range and uses a compound of a halogen and a noble gas.

The laser is designed to apply tiny pulses of laser power to ablate the eye and change its shape and is used in Customized Lasik.