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Purchase Night Vision Binoculars

How To Purchase Night Vision Binoculars

There are lots of options for someone looking to purchase night vision binoculars online because there is simply so much competiton. I have sifted through some of the top sites and found some great models available at some fairly decent prices. It is importiant to note that some sites will not ship outside of their home country because there are legal implications for doing so in some countries. Be sure to check with the site to ensure that they will ship to your required destination. Below are a few of the top models that I came across that I would reccomend...

The Digital NV Ranger 5x42 - The image seen through the Digital NV Ranger 5x42 is crisp and sharp on the whole field of view and it does not show any light or dark spots and fuzziness toward the edges. Objective lens on the right side of the device provides 5x magnification. Left objective serves as Hi Beam IR . It is also energy saving Low Beam Pulse IR Illuminator installed below the lenses as shown on the attached picture. Dual IR system controlled with the button switches on the top of the device.

The NVB 2.5X42 - Same Night Vision Binoculars as above, but improved by the bigger size 48 mm. objective lenses with extra field flattener. User may expect wider viewing angle, less side distortions and better light transmission at critical conditions than from predecessor NVB 2.5X42. Provides same close focusing up to 10 yards and may be equipped with High Power IR Illuminator R046/R046a.